SAMBA: 667 people, who were kept in 3 different quarantine centers in district Samba, were sent to their respective home districts after completion of 14 days quarantine period. The administrative officials of Quarantine Centers told that all these people were regularly examined by a team of doctors for the last time and none of them have any symptom of infection of Corona virus. So a stamp declaring them fit was affixed on their arms and thereafter they were seated in buses and sent to their respective Districts. Most of the people were from Kashmir division.
It is noteworthy that these people who were kept in the Quarantine Center were coming to their homes in Jammu and Kashmir from different States of the Country leaving their work due to lockdown. As a precaution all these people were sent to quarantine centers for 14 days by the Jammu and Kashmir administration, and today, after 14 days quarantine period was over, they were sent to their homes in buses.