State Times News
JAMMU: “Now that the administration of Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir has started the process of restarting business activities in a phased and controlled manner, businessmen should adhere to Government guidelines and follow all those procedures as told to them in order to ensure that coronavirus doesn’t spread or infect anyone. We have to be extra cautious while doing business and learn to live with the present-day situation”.
This was stated by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) J&K Executive Member Raman Suri, who said that the way cloth and shoes merchants opened and cleaned their shops but didn’t do any business, others should also follow same procedures as and when told by the government. This, while ensuring discipline in the system of functioning, will also reduce or even eliminate chances of spread of pandemic amongst traders and consumers.
Jammu, he added, so far has been doing well by responding to government advisories but the same spirit must continue so that we learn to deal with the situation while resuming our activities, be it business, work, office or even developmental activities. Now that work on many projects like Akhnoor flyover has started, more are likely to follow.
This, while giving employment to labourers, will also help several of those trying to flee the UT for no reason as they’ll stay back, earn their livelihood and not panic. The things are gradually falling into place and people must co-operate while keeping patience. He also urged people to prepare themselves to maintain social distance, wear face covers or masks, not crowd places, sanitise hands, avoid unnecessary travel, stay indoors, listen to Government advisories and adopt all other procedures while moving out for shopping or doing their routine works.
Similar kind of acts should also be followed by the industries and their workers, majority of whom have already started their operations, both in Jammu as well as Srinagar. He assured that Government agencies that have suspended all other business except dealing with pandemic, must also be extended all possible help so that they function amicably and help save lives.