AMRITSAR: On occasion of World Kidney Day, Amandeep Medicity Amritsar organised a public awareness lecture by Dr Manmeet Singh, MD Medicine, DM Nephrology.
While addressing members of Rotary Clubs, Senior Citizen Society Amritsar and Amandeep Ambassadors, Dr Manmeet Singh said that reduced urine output, swelling on face or foot, blood /pus /frothing /stone in urine, high blood pressure or diabetes, weakness, nausea or vomiting, high creatinine, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) or vasculitiscan can be causes of kidney disease. Patients suffering from kidney disease may also wake up frequently in night to pass urine, he said.
Dr Manmeet Singh said, “we should drink sufficient quantity of water as per our requirement daily and should take low salt, adopt healthy lifestyle and avail tests for kidney check-up besides taking doctor’s advice regularly.” He informed that facilities like Kidney Biopsy, Plasmapheresis, State of Art Hemodialysis facility, 24X7 Dialysis Unit and Emergency & Blood Bank services are available in Amandeep Medicity Amritsar.
Speaking the occasion, Dr Amandeep Kaur, CEO, Amandeep Hospital advised, “If we notice any of the symptoms of kidney disease as stated by Dr Manmeet then, we should immediately consult a Nephrologist (kidney-specialist doctor) and besides taking tests prescribed by him.”
Dr Shahbaz Singh GM told that Nephrology Department of Amandeep Medicity Amritsar is well equipped with latest technology and well experienced nephrologists to provide best possible patient care services.