JAMMU: The Department of Animal Husbandry, Jammu, which came under the fury of the flash floods, has suffered a huge setback with respect to its livestock population as well as a huge loss to its infrastructure.
The Belicharana farm which is a major hub of the livestock activities was also damaged during the flash floods.
In the process of giving relief to the affected farmers, Rapid Response Teams (RRT’s) have been constituted in all the blocks of all the districts of Jammu Division which have been assigned the work of giving on spot first-aid to the affected animals and reporting the loss to the Directorate where also a Nodal Cell has been established to monitor and control the situation effectively.
In addition, due to the floods a temporary scarcity of the feed and fodder for the animals has occurred and to address this concern, wheat Bhoosa (hay) has been arranged by the Committee of the HoD’s constituted by the Divisional Commissioner, Jammu and the Animal Husbandry Department is fully assisting the distribution with the teams constituted under SDRF by the Government.
On Wednesday, the department distributed Bhoosa in and around Hamirpur Kona.
The Director Animal Husbandry Department, Jammu reiterated that it shall be the endeavour of the Department to put every resource at use for mitigating the concerns of the poor livestock breeders.