AKHNOOR: Army conducted Pre Recruitment Training of Youth from Sep 4 to 29, 2018 at Youth Employment Guidance Node, Akhnoor for the forthcoming recruitment rallies of Indian Army in the region. The capsule mainly comprised of volunteer and willing youth from the Pallanwala area.
The aim of the capsule was to provide correct guidance and learning platform to the prospective candidates for recruitment in the Indian army.
The capsule was conducted based on a holistic training schedule that comprised of all aspects of recruitment rally – physical training, written test and medical test. A dedicated team of instructors were present with the participants throughout the capsule and imparted the knowledge & training about the recruitment rally. They were also provided with relevant exam guides, grammar books for preparation of the written examination. T-shirts, shoes & track suits were also distributed to the participants in order to fuel their interest and boost their enthusiasm.
The exuberance and interest of the young participants was evident from the high attendance and their continued inquisitiveness which kept the instructors on their toes during the duration of the capsule.