JAMMU: Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s announcement of abrogation of Article 370 and 35A proved to be big milestone for the unity and the integrity of India. Abrogation of Article 370 by the government has rekindled hopes among families whose daughters have married outside Jammu and Kashmir.
“This move has rekindled hope. I think this is matter of delight for me and many other senior citizens whose children are outside. Now I feel more confident about the fact that there is a strong government that can take strong decisions. Psychologically, I am feeling safe and hopeful that now my two daughters can have their rights and can come and settle here. I am old now and was worried what would happen after my death. My daughters and grand children can now get my property and I am satisfied and feeling lucky that I am seeing all this during my lifetime,” said Dr Ram Darshan Sharma, a senior citizen living a lonely life as both his daughters are married outside J&K.
While talking to STATE TIMES, Dr Darshan shared, “The abrogation has given us a new life, a new hope. My daughters are outside and we live alone here because earlier, they cannot come and settle or buy property and start working here but now there is a ray of hope and happiness among us. Now my daughters and grand children can get my property. This is a big relief for me.”
Shobha Sharma, who is waiting eagerly to see her grand children and daughters to settle here said, “My happiness has no boundaries. I am feeling satisfied and contented that now I won’t have to spend my old age journey alone. I feel alive. It was heartbreaking that daughters cannot get parental property due to Article 370. I have two daughters and they are my world. Whatever we have, we want to give it to our grand children and daughters and now they can be the legal heirs of our property.”