JAMMU: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Wednesday maintained that healthcare workers are coronavirus warriors and government should do its best for redressing their grievances besides initiating necessary measures for safety of doctors and other medical staff to effectively treat COVID-19 patients.
Bhalla expressed serious concern on imminent and extreme risks posed to the health and safety of healthcare workers throughout the country. He said that due to lack of proper safety equipments, around 150-200 nurses have been infected with COVID-19 and over 600 to 700 healthcare workers are in quarantine. He said that healthcare workers of the country are coronavirus warriors and the government must take all necessary steps to address their grievances on priority.
Bhalla said that a large number of healthcare workers, including nurses, doctors, and other staffers, have been infected in various parts of country. The health and safety (physical / mental) of healthcare workers are of utmost importance because further shortage of healthcare workers would result in thousands of unattended COVID-19 patients, which will have serious repercussions including escalation of present situation and resultant impact on economy, medical facilities, potential deaths and loss of human resource, Bhalla asserted.
The former Minister asked government to provide personal protection kits to every single health care professional working in corona isolation wards, or others who work in close proximity of patients suspected to be infected with the virus. He also demanded Govt to ensure that all healthcare workers are trained on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), proper use and disposal of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) etc.
Meantime, former Minister on Wednesday continued distribution of ration and other essential items among needy people. He distributed food items among needy in Bagh Mohalla, Manhas Mohalla and Baga-e-Bahu areas.
Others who accompanied the former Minister included Jatinder Singh Chib, Pawan Kumar, Deewan Chand, Madan Lal, Shambu Nath, Latish Sharma, Sahil Shavotra, Aman Bawa, Mulkh Raj and Iqbal Singh.