JAMMU: Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party and Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee urged upon the National Human Rights Commission operating within the discipline and command of the United Nations to take steps within the meaning and scope of International Law so that appropriate security is provided to the Indian prisoners languishing in Pakistan jails for decades.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Bhim said that a prisoner sentenced to death was killed inside Lahore jail in Pakistan in 2013. He said that couple of days back (on Monday) another Indian prisoner, Kirpal Singh (50) was declared dead inside Kot Lakhpat Jail who had been languishing in Pak jail for the past 24 years since 1992.
Bhim said that a writ petition (PIL) filed by him is pending before the Supreme Court of India adding that about 450 Pakistani prisoners have been released on the intervention of the Supreme Court of India. He requested the Lahore based unit of Indo-Pak Prisoners Aid Committee to collect the information on the sad death of Kirpal Singh and the Indian prisoners who are languishing in Pakistani jails without any medical or legal aid. Bhim regretted the role of Modi Government in India to intervene for the security, safety and fair trial of Indian prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails.
Bhim also sent a communication to the Secretary General of the United Nations to direct the Government of Pakistan to provide complete list of the Indian prisoners under detention in Pakistani jails. He also urged Secretary-General of UN for his intervention to ensure that all unaided Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails are allowed to engage lawyers from India. He said that the Indo-Pak Legal Aid Committee shall provide all help and cooperation including free services of the lawyers, from India if need be, to the Indian prisoners suffering in Pakistani jails for years without any legal assistance or medical aid. He mentioned that legal aid committee shall take up this matter with the International Human Rights Commission working within the command of United Nations if need be.