big boss 8

It was during the Hijack task in the initial days of Bigg Boss 8 when Karishma Tanna made Gautam Gulati a national hero. And surely all of you are aware of that whole tamashaa.

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 8, Tanna managed to do the same again. And this time the credit doesn’t go to the mirchi, but the make-up. Here’s what happened…

Karishma and Gautam were summoned to perform a task in the confession room, while other housemates got a chance to watch the live feed of the task.

Gautam and Karishma were to choose amongst ten options given by Bigg Boss. As both of them are blindfolded they will hold yes or no placards to give their agreement or disagreement for a particular option. The first three questions, on which Gautam and Karishma will mutually agree to, will be rewarded to the housemates.

At one point, Bigg Boss asked the two of them if they want Karishma’s make-up back followed by Daindra’s make-up. Gautam says no for both of them and Karishma says otherwise, which was probably expected by the housemates who were watching the game intently. But things took a horrid turn when Bigg Boss asked whether they would want to relieve Sushant from his sevak role which was a result of the big bomb dropped by Minissha Lamba post eviction.

Gautam says ‘yes’ while Karishma who is Sushant’s very good friend choses ‘No’. Shocked housemates were then dumbstruck by what they just saw. Not realising her insensitive choice of saying no to release Sushant from the house duties, Karishma starts arguing with Gautam about getting her make-up. However, after a lot of give and take of indecent words, Karishma finally agreed upon Sushant being relived, which was Gautam’s first priority.

Sushant who is quite hurt by what Karishma has done was seen rushing to the washroom with teary eyes.The whole house turned against Karishma stating that what she did was not right and that she should have thought about her friends first and then her make-up.

Well, as Puneet Issar rightly said, Gautam was made the hero for the second time by Karishma, who has now become the vamp of this season of Bigg Boss.