JAMMU: The BJP Monday took a swipe at the Congress for “failing” to field candidates for the upcoming urban local bodies (ULB) elections, saying it is instead “spinning excuses” to hide “inability” to motivate the party cadre.
“The Congress has failed to field candidates for the ULB elections and instead they are spinning excuses to hide its inability to rejuvenate its cadre and motivate them to join the electoral fray”, BJP state spokesperson Brigadier (retired) Anil Gupta told reporters here.
He claimed that the BJP has so far won more than 50 seats uncontested in Kashmir.
While complimenting the party’s candidates for displaying utmost respect for democracy and people’s sentiments by braving all odds to file their nominations, Gupta castigated Congress for being unable to keep up to its “lofty claims” of being a party that has a base in all three regions of the state.
“The mere fact that the party is unable to field candidates shows that it has been completely decimated at the grassroots level and lacks organisational strength,” he said.
The Congress today is an “only leaders party” and has no mass base and cadre strength, Gupta said.
He said the situation is no better in the Jammu region.
“At a number of places the party has failed to field even a single candidate and plans to piggyback on Independent or rebel candidates,” Gupta said.
“The reality is that individuals offered party’s mandate are declining to accept it as they realise that contesting on Congress party’s symbol means a certain defeat”, he said.
The BJP leader said that Congress’s “desperate attempt to win over the electorate by launching an anti-BJP propaganda has failed miserably because the patriotic people of the region are determined to teach the Congress a lesson for pro-Pakistan utterances of its senior leaders”.
Reacting to the statement of chief spokesperson of the Congress that it is part of Congress party’s strategy to not to field their own candidates but support Independents in order to defeat the BJP candidates, Gupta said it is “nothing but a desperate attempt to escape from reality”.
Challenging the Congress, he said, “It is not a proxy contest. It is a direct fight. If the Congress is sure of its strength it must enter the electoral battle directly and field its own candidates”. Balbir Ram Rattan, State Spokesperson was also present.