JAMMU: “Despite the nationwide clamor and a deep sense of outrage over the release of separatist leader Masarat Alam by the State Government, the BJP has persisted with its lame duck policy and submissive approach only for the lust of power”, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former Minister adding that the Saffron party leaders were making evasive, vague and obscure statements only for the sake of public consumption and for ensuring damage control.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Harsh said that while the Union Parliament had turned into an arena of contested claims and counterclaims, there was a near unanimity amongst the different political parties of the country regarding the imminent threat to the security of the State due to the release of separatist leader having more than 27 criminal cases pending against him. He said that even as the Union Home Minister had made a statement in the Parliament that national security is a priority for BJP and not the alliance in J and K, the State unit of BJP and its ministers were talking of strong and stable government and vouching for its continuance for a full term of six years. He said that certain BJP leaders who met the Chief Minister in the aftermath of Masarat Alam’s release displaying aggressive posture in the media and flexing their muscles had in practice discussed their personal matters only with the CM expressing bonhomie in the said meeting.
Harsh mentioned that even the anger and despair exhibited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech in Parliament evaporated into the thin air with several party leaders announcing that they were opposed only to the manner in which Masarat Alam was released and not to the subject matter of his release. He said that some of the leaders of BJP had also been entrusted with the assignment of making statements seeking revocation of Masarat Alam’s release order and his re-arrest as a measure of face saving and for extracting political capital out of the issue.
Harsh asserted that it was not only the lame duck posturing of BJP which had angered the people of Jammu region, but the dichotomy in the statements of Central and State leaders of BJP who were making highly incongruous and utterly irreconcilable statements on the subject. He said that the utterly confusing statements emanating from BJP was indicative of its deep rooted frustration and bafflement at the prospect of its loss of power in the event of PDP persisting with its avowed agenda of release of some more separatists.
Flaying the BJP for its highly nauseating approach and outrageous conduct, Singh said that the Saffron party must realise that people can’t be cajoled by delusive announcements alone. He warned the BJP to desist from blowing hot and cold in the same breath by playing the role of opposition and government at the same time.
Reminding the BJP of its jingoistic rhetoric, Harsh said that Masarat Alam had waged a war against the State, has more than two dozen pending cases against him in various courts, carried a reward of Rs. 10 lakh over his head, was detained under PSA several times, had made highly seditious comments soon after his release and had vowed to carry forward the anti India campaign despite his release orders. He said that release of Masarat Alam and other like incidents have explored the myth of BJP’s bravado and displayed the spineless BJP in its true colours.
Warning the BJP to assert in the wake of public anger having risen to its crescendo, Harsh said that any further delay could disfigure its image beyond redemption.