JAMMU: While the BJP Juggernaut is busy celebrating its ascendance to power in J and K, the beguiled common man in the streets of Jammu region feels utterly disappointed and betrayed at the surrender of the Saffron Party with regard to its core agenda so loudly trumpeted by it during the Parliament and Assembly elections, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman in a statement issued here on Monday.

Harsh said that the BJP in its desperation to climb on the ladder of power has scarified its age old ideology and proved beyond doubt that power could act as the strongest adhesive between estranged allies and conflicting interests. He said that abrogation of Article 370 which was the most significant component of BJP’s ideological DNA has been contemptuously discarded in the deal brokered by the Saffron Party for the lust of power. He said that the BJP has displayed highly outrageous and incredulous conduct in succumbing to the dictates of PDP which on the contrary has got almost all its core issues addressed by the coalition. He said that while CM Mufti Sayeed made categorical statements to highlight PDP’s core issues during the joint press conference of coalition partners reiterating Party’s agenda of resumption of Indo-Pak talks, dialogue with Hurriyat and other separatists, gradual revocation of AFSPA, cross LoC trade, etc, the deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh chose to keep mum and failed to make any statement in respect of the issues pertaining to Jammu region. He could not even dare to react when Mufti Sayeed gave credit of peaceful elections in J and K to Pakistan, Hurriyat and the separatists. He said while the PDP stuck to its guns and got its core agenda incorporated in the Common Minimum Programme (CMP), the BJP exhibited utter lack of spine, failed to get its issues included in CMP thus blowing into smithereens all hopes and aspirations so anxiously nurtured by the people of Jammu region.

Making a mention of some of the highlights of BJP’s ‘Vision Document’ released during Assembly elections, Singh said that it had made a categorical statement for grant of state subjects to west Pak refugees with right to vote in the Assembly and local bodies, right to immovable property, right to higher and technical education and right to state government jobs. He said that BJP compromised on this issue under PDP’s pressure as the CMP merely states that Coalition Government shall take measures for sustenance and livelihood of west Pakistan refugees. He said that likewise the reservation of 5 seats for PoJK refugees, 3 seats for Kashmir migrants and 33 per cent reservations for women in Legislative Assembly and Council as assured in the vision document also don’t find any mention in the CMP. “Likewise the commitments made in vision document pertaining to re-introduction of scheme for tax holidays for 10 years for industrial units in J and K and according property rights to children of daughters of state married outside the state with non-state subjects, issuance of Dogra certificates to Dogra youth and provision of six per cent vertical reservation to ex-servicemen and martyrs’ families have all fallen flat and torn to tatters with BJP merely content with being a junior partner in the PDP led government.

Reminding the saffron party of the great sacrifices made by its tall leaders in the past, Singh said that the BJP was answerable to the people of country for its ideological retreat and a seismic shift from its core agenda. He said that the BJP must remember the great sacrifice made by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji, the founder of Jan Sangh, the parent organisation of BJP, to realise the slogan of ‘Ek Nishan, Ek Vidhan, Ek Pradhan’ conveying thereby that one country can’t have two Constitutions, two Flags and two Heads. He said that even subsequently, the BJP had been instrumental in consolidating considerable public opinion in the country as well as the state by its persistent rhetoric over Article 370. He said that even after the formation of Modi Government at the Centre, the MoS in PM’s office Dr. Jitender Singh had made a statement that Article 370 had caused more harm than good and had emphatically announced to hold a debate on the Article. He said that even Arun Jaitley had made a statement to drive home his point on Article 370, during Assembly election by saying that no private investor would invest in a place where he can’t own the land implying clearly thereby that the curbs on land ownership had got to go.

Accusing the BJP of total surrender on its core issues as well as on the Jammu related issues much to the chagrin and discomfiture of common man, Singh said that the saffron party had unabashedly forsaken its responsibility to the people of Jammu region and such a reprobate conduct would prove fatal for the party and lead to its waterloo at the hustings.