Caution and care are the two ingredients which are utmost necessary under prevailing situation in J&K to tame the numbers of COVID-19 positive cases which are still surging with an alarming rate especially in the Valley. Although, good news has come from the institution having very high credentials in India viz Niti Aayog that continuous rise in the number of people testing positive for corona is expected to stabilize anytime soon. This relieving statement has come from Niti Aayog member V K Paul on Sunday. Supporting his claim, the Niti Aayog member has said the basis for the aforesaid assertion is the success of lockdowns 1.0 and 2.0 and ensuing third one comprising two more weeks after May 3, 2020. He said that the third extension of lockdown will hopefully consolidate the gains achieved during the first two phases of restrictions as the spurt in number of coronavirus cases is still amenable to containment strategy. In J&K, the extra precaution taken by the authorities during lockdowns has considerably suppressed the chain of transmission and if the grip on the guard to implement lockdown in letter and spirit will be loosened at this juncture, the stakeholders will lose what they have achieved so far in curbing the spread of the aforesaid contagion. Therefore treading with complete precaution is the need of the time as any mistake now can nullify the objective attained through the entire tedious exercise of lockdowns, quarantine and isolation of individuals. Whatever is required and professed by the experts in the field is being implemented and imposed in J&K till now to break the chain of coronavirus and it is hoped that similar approach will be maintained in the coming days to ensure health and safety of people. It is for sure and is also being advised by the experts that abrupt opening of lockdown will rejuvenate the coronavirus impact and therefore staggered approach is best way out to clean-bowled this merciless virus from the Indian soil. Apprehensions and anguish of people especially of Jammu region with regard to some relaxations which are not being allowed are unwarranted as the situation is still very crucial and undaunted faith on administration and adherence to norms is what good citizens should ought to do right now.