Shiv Kumar Padha

In India we define our honorable politicians using different idioms and proverbs suiting their overt and covert behavior at different times and situations. The people have coined a number of sayings and proverbs about the politicians like, a person who  blows hot and cold in the same breath is called politician, a politician is like a double hood snake  which no one can guess whether it is coming or going, one who regrets for his follies before the elections and forgets every one afterwards, politicians are sheer turn coats, a politician is one who promises to construct a bridge where there is no river and dig well where there is no source of water. In short, majority of our politicians are unpredictable and incredible.
Before the elections our politicians exhibit exemplary character and ideal behavior in the society. They can recognise a person even from miles distance. They remember the name of every person and the place where he lives. They enquire about the wellbeing not only of every person of his constituency but also about their pets at home. They call every woman of their constituency their sister and old persons  their parents. They register their attendance in every family unit and take meals with the family members. In order to pretend their love for the natives they sit amidst the common men and listen to their problems attentively and patiently. They consider every person their bosom friend but the reality is that these politicians neither have permanent friends nor enemies. They promise to bring the larks on earth if they are elected in the elections.
But as soon as these politicians get elected in the elections they disappear from the scene like the horns from the head of the ass. Those who used to dance their attendance in their constituencies every now and then pay their visits only once in a blue moon (Ied ka Chand). The persons who were ever on the mailing lists of the politicians before the elections have to give their introduction every time they meet them. After the elections these politicians take U turn abruptly, the tillers who ploughed and sowed the seeds are pushed to the wall and are replaced by the sycophants at the time of harvest. These politicians prefer the company of the corporate houses, businessmen, opportunists and the industrialists and ignore the dedicated party workers but for whose efforts the victory of these politicians would have been impossible. They keep the persons, whom they once used to hug ,at arm’s length and embrace those who did nothing looked busy and cried more. Before the elections these politicians are committed to the cause of the party but after the victory they are last to the party and the organisations they belong to. In order to win the favours of these politicians, the sycophants and opportunists arrange meeting with them at five star hotels, tourist spots or big guest houses while the ground level workers keep waiting at the door even for a glimpse of their beloved leader. At one moment they are seen crossing their swords, locking their horns, hurling chairs, abusing each other in the Parliament and Legislative Houses but in the next moment they are seen embracing each other in the corridors. The politicians forget the promises they had made with the people as they forget their familiar faces after their victory in the elections because their main motive remains how to grind about their own axes and  feather their own nest because neither the sky will fall nor they will be able to catch the larks ( Na Nau mun Surma Hoga na Radha Nachegi). One can only say ‘Wo jo Milte The Kabhi Ham se Diwano ki Tarah, Aaj Yun milte Hein Jaise Kabhi Pehchan na Thi’.