Dear Editor,

Birth Anniversary of late Maharaja Hari Singh is celebrated on 23rd Sept. every year by some social organisations and civil society members in J and K. Maharaja Hari Singh was a democratic and progressive ruler and knew what was to come. He started democratic process in his empire by constituting a Paraja- Sabha of elected and nominated members in 1934 and appointed four of the elected members as ministers. His rule has been described as most glorious by British historians because of several reforms that he introduced in administration and judiciary. He opened all worship places for all irrespective of caste and creed. He offered prayers along with Maharani and Harijan daughters in the temples. Although he was born as Hindu but as a ruler he possessed no religion. Justice will be his religion and he stood by it. In the round table conference he favoured independent India. He introduced a number of social reforms and also initiated a process of associating the people with administration. I appeal through media to the J and K Govt. and all social organisations as well as civil society members of J and K state to unanimously apprise the Govt. to declare gazetted holiday on the Birth Anniversary of late Maharaja Hari Singh for the memory of his reforms. Randhir Singh Kotwal Retd. Revenue Official, Billawar