This election season Congress seems to be suffering from a very severe internal complexity dilemma. It is unable to understand as to how it should address the dilemma which it is very badly entangled in. Though fragmented but still pretending to be one. Perhaps it is a situation created by the people well within the party through their irresponsible public statements and utterances or by the party president himself, because he too most of the times seems to be losing the track politically, when he unleashes his abusive attitude to defame and demoralize the Prime minister of the country either on the basis of his own behaviour or on the behest of other external forces best known to Gandhi himself.
But anyway whatever the reason Congress is slowly but very alarmingly getting itself on the edge and it is evident from the actions of its top leaders including their both former and current party presidents, as if they are themselves bent upon drowning their own ship. And this can very easily be ascertained by the fact that most of the prominent congressmen are leaving the party one by one like rats deserting the sinking ship.
Let us try to analyse as to why Congress is losing its ground in so far as proving itself to be the grand old party which can withstand the challenge posed by the growing strength of BJP, in the ensuing elections. Worries started to ensue since the leaders like Manishanker Iyer in an interview to some Pakistan media in Pakistan said that there could be no peace and friendship between the two countries till Narinder Modi happens to be the PM of India. Not only this he shamelessly went further begging the Pakistan leadership and the media to help Congress in removing Modi from power in India. Before that in 2014 elections he had abused Modi terming him “Neech” and that once Congress comes in power they will give him a place to make “Tea”. Now who will tell this immodest fellow how low he has stooped in uttering such irresponsible statements.
And coming to Sandeep Dikshit MP from East Delhi, son of former CM of Delhi Shiela Dikshit, who once termed the Army Chief Bipin Rawat as “Goon on the Street” meaning “Gali ka Gunda”, another bizarre example of shameless hypocrisy.
And what did Shashi Tharoor once said while quoting RSS which he said had once compared Modi to a scorpion sitting on the Shiv Linga which can neither be removed by hand nor hit by a Chappal (Slippers, moccasin). This is how Congressmen try and exploit the situation just to degrade and defame someone who happens to be the Prime Minister of the biggest democracy on the globe.
You won’t believe a very senior spokesperson of the Congress party Pawan Khera blatantly and most disgracefully tried to give meaning of the word Modi. According to him Modi means; M for Masood, O for Osama, D for Dawood and I for ISI. A common man and a very true Indian can very well understand the frustration which the congress party is going through nowadays.
To name a few more who not only uttered slang against the PM but also tried to defame Modi on all grounds. Kapil Sibbal one of the most decorated lawyers of the Supreme court, reliable and trustworthy leader of the Congress said that maintaining politics of truth and respect would not be possible if PM Modi was around. this is not only defaming but derogatory as well on part of Mr. Sibbal.
Another leader from the congress party Kirti Azad, who once said that he joined BJP because the party ideology impressed him a lot but Prime Minister Narendra Modi defrauded the nation by his jumla politics and blamed him for making false promises and said there was no internal democracy within the BJP. He also flayed Modi over his statement, ‘Na kahunga na khane doonga’ (will not indulge in graft, neither will let others do so), saying the party that talked about fighting corruption “back stabbed” him on the DDCA issue. Coming to yet another stalwart of the grand old party Randeep singh Surjewala. Surjewala in fact crossed all limits when he called PM Modi as “Pakhandi”. After all how low these congressmen will stoop, who by their face value seem to be civilized, polite and sensitive towards political parables and etiquettes
Likewise there has been a fierce competition going on, in the congress party, in calling names and blaming the PM. And their party president has left no stone unturned to defame and demoralize the PM. but thanks to the towering stature of PM Modi it has not affected him even an iota. Chowkidaar chor hai is Rahul Gandhi’s latest line. And who knows perhaps it might be the only line sufficient to erase him and his party fold from the political slate of the nation.
Similarly on the economic front also the opposition is not able to find the track where they could see and visualize the speed of growth and development in all most all walks of life. be it infrastructure, (roads, railways, airports ),farmer friendly schemes, concrete homes for financially weak and down trodden, cleanliness, sanitation and sawch Bharat projects, science and technology, employment generation, women empowerment, upliftment of rural poor, education, agriculture, military matters, foreign policy and a strong stance in curbing the terrorism, congress is in a very dangrous mode of denial. Which is not in the longer interest of the country and this they will have to understand.
Well it doesn’t seem to be difficult to understand the frustration and fear through which congress party is going nowadays. being out of power for five years has to a greater extent dented their patience and made them insensitive and disrespectful towards the ruling party, and such a situation is very precarious and dangerous. Our age old enemy country Pakistan is getting it the way it wants. Pakistan media has got enough to throw it back to India when it comes to asking them for introspection and setting their home right.
Lastly, it is very much evident that if such a state of affairs prevails in the country for long the day is not far when the whole world will ridicule India for its political immaturity which is taking hostage the overall image of the country politically. (both internally as well as internationally.)
Something miraculous has to happen to set the state of affairs “Right”.