SAMBA: Desraj Sharma, who has been working in Congress for many years, joined BJP with his supporters on Friday in presence of Former Minister, Dr. Devinder Kumar Manyal.
Former Minister Dr. Devinder Kumar Manyal said that the Congress election manifesto is not in public interest. On one hand, the general public is not happy with its manifesto, while some Congress leaders are also condemning it. He said recent statement of Rahul Gandhi which was used by Pakistan in its letter to United Nations showed his political bankruptcy. He welcomed Desraj Sharma to the partyfold. Desraj Sharma thanked the former minister for taking him to the partyfold.
Kumar Singh BJP Mandal President Sumb Belt, Baldeev Singh Sarpanch, Skinder Singh Panch, Balvinder Singh, Ramesh Singh, Tarseem lal, Gulshan Sharma were also present.