Dear Editor,
India is known for its values in the world. Truth, honesty, dedication, spiritualism, selflessness, renunciation, sacrifice and contentment were the values for which India was called Jagat Guru. There was no place for greed, selfishness in the society. Every one, irrespective of his position in the society, believed in truth, beauty, goodness. They always considered country and countrymen first and never liked to fish in the troubled waters. They always came forward for the protection and help of the weak and needy and never exploited their sufferings for their personal gains. But with the passage of time the long nurtured values became topsy-turvy, honesty and selflessness were replaced by greed and selfishness respectively. The never ending greed and selfishness of our politicians and bureaucrats brought the country on the crossroads from where these two ways parted from each other permanently.
A new global corruption risk index has ranked India as 69 th most graft-prone nation and according to global corruption perception index india ranks 94th. Whereas India is the third most corrupt nation among the countries of BRICS. Jammu and Kashmir a state enjoying the special status is the most corrupt in the country. Jammu and Kashmir contributes app. 0.76 per cent to national GDP and is ranked second in the list of highest grant receiving states of the country. There are almost negligible industrial units which have mushroomed around Kali Bari Kathua,Samba Jammu, R.S.Pura and Udhampur only, otherwise government jobs, transport and trade is the only means of living of the people of the Jammu and Kashmir. As regards industries in the State, there is only corruption industry which is flourishing by leaps and bounds under the patronage of our ministers, politicians, bureaucrats. The government employees, holding lucrative posts in the departments where there is abundance of money involvement or where the matters relating to public property are linked with, are minting money brazenly through bribe and sharing the booty with their superiors.
Shiv Kumar Padha