New Delhi: Organi-sations involved in social welfare can play a big role in countering superstitions and misinformation about coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday.In the name of belief, people have been seen gathering in places flouting social distancing norms. Hence there is a need for educating them about the importance of social distancing to check the spread of the deadly virus, he also said.
Addressing organisations involved in social work via video conferencing here, Modi said they can play a huge role in arranging basic necessities for the poor and can also dedicate their medical facilities and volunteers to serve patients and the needy. The nation is facing an “unprecedented crisis” and “needs the service of these organisations and their resources like never before”, the prime minister was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the PMO.
Highlighting that the nation needs both short-term measures and a long-term vision to overcome the challenge posed by the outbreak of the viral infection, Modi observed that “these organisations have three distinct specialities: humane approach, massive reach and connect with people and a service mindset”.
“This is why they are trusted implicitly”, he said.
Recalling that Mahatma Gandhi used to say that serving the poor and the downtrodden is the best way to serve the nation, the prime minister praised the dedication and commitment of the participating organisation towards serving humanity, the statement said.