Amid COVID-19 scare, defying the lockdown restrictions under any pretext except something which counts for choice between life and death is in no way justified and should not be allowed to happen, come what may. However, despite true stories being circulated on various media platforms about ‘Super Spreaders’ of COVID-19 contagion, several people out of sheer ignorance are coming out from their homes and hearths for trivial issues putting their and other people’s lives into danger by way of raising risk of contracting coronavirus. The latest in the series of defying lockdown is people coming out in groups to stop outsiders from entering their hubs and localities by using Lathis and ‘Dandas’ breaking the restrictions with impunity plunging those coming into their contacts to deep crisis of becoming victim of COVID-19. It is however, surprising that instead of counseling such people to remain indoors as police is doing its job efficiently and even going for ‘Danda Parade’, when and where required as suggested by numerous posts on social media platforms, society is promoting such gestures of ignorant people having dangerous ramifications by accepting the same and giving them wide publicity on various media forums. Because the aim of all under the prevailing conditions is to ensure minimal movement of people and stop people from getting close to each other, such incidents can lead to failure of the entire exercise of lockdown. It is time to tread with extreme caution as a small mistake can boomerang and prove disastrous in the form of exponential transmission of noval coronavirus in the community. Another similar instance which could lead to mayhem is everybody coming outside under the guise of a vegetable vendor like the case of a cycle-rickshaw puller in Jammu as the vegetable sellers are exempted during lockdown. Now, if all Tangawallahs, Auto-rickshaw owners, and more of such Rehriwallas also jump into the vegetable business what will be the fate of lockdown and how the population could be saved from the lethal coronavirus? It is time not to publicize such instances where out of sheer need someone is coming out for his or her sustenance. Rather, police should intensify patrolling to minimize human appearance on streets, roads and shops.