Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight the worst roads conditions in the City of Doda and it’s periphery adjoining areas through the medium of your esteemed daily newspaper. The conditions of roads in Doda City and other roads leading to different tehsils, villages and blocks has deteriorated to such an extent that it has become difficult to ply vehicles. The roads are ment for connecting people to people but in our Distt. Doda these roads are commonly called highway to death due dance of deaths in roads accidents .Such a state of roads of Doda city has never been seen before. Road from Doda to Paryote, Bhalla to Trown, Khellani to Goa, Doda to Kastigarh and Dessa are in worst and pitable conditions. The roads upto these destinations are in bad conditions due to presence of boulders and stones on either side of the roads which pose a great risk of head to head collusion of the vehicles leading to loss of life and property .Sometimes movement is not possible on these roads during heavy rain. Due to poor roads connectivity a travellers is not sure whether he will reach his destination safer or not. That is why dance of death and bloodshed are frequently reported from these roads of District Doda. By the condition of roads, it appears that we are travelling in some very remote and back ward village. People pay road tax and other fees of vehicles but in turn they get such state of bad roads to ply on these areas roads are lead to deaths and not to connecting people. Such bad conditions of roads leads to more consumption of petrol and diesel and results in more wear and tear of vehicles thus subject the consumers and general public to spend more on running of their vehicles. I think it is straight consumers right violation. Govt at the helm of affairs should take note of the bad condition of roads and direct the concerned authorites to repair the conditions of the roads so that they become worthy of plying vehicles. Vehicles owners are made to suffer due to such deplorable conditions of roads .During movement of nomadic people to hilly areas as well movement of vehicles traffic ,jams become a routine affairs. Traffic constables are seen regulating the traffic but traffic cop is not seen on duty in late evening after 6pm at Bhaderwah and Doda city .This is a sorry state of affairs of traffic as well as of roads.Last but not least I want to awake the concerned authorities from deep slumber to do needful to repair and renovate the roads so that these roads and vehicles are not used for attending last rites of dead bodies but used for attending Govt offices,schools and other cultural and religious functions. Finally I requested Govt of Union Territory of Jammu-Kashmir to hand over roads of these destinations to Border Road Organisations so that the conditions of roads can be improved and loss of life and property can be minimised
Mool Raj,
Bhagota (Panjsoo),