JAMMU: Bharatiya Janata Party has requested the persons from other states working in Jammu Kashmir as labourers or factory workers as also people from rural areas of UT working in urban centers to desist from moving out or make an attempt to return to their homes as this can put to jeopardy their own lives as also lives of their family members.
In a statement issued here on Sunday, Chief Spokesperson of the Party, Sunil Sethi, called upon them to stay where they are staying for their safety. In case they try to move out that will lead to spread of coronavirus between them unchecked, which will then get transmitted to their families when they reach homes, he added.
He said that as Medicare Infrastructure in rural areas is mostly to meet emergencies thereafter the patients are referred to main healthcare centers. If number of patients increase in rural areas there will be practically less Medicare as by that time the Urban Medicare Centres would be crowded. Additionally even food stuff like vegetables, milk, fruits, etc coming from Rural areas will also get contaminated leading to spread.
Sunil Sethi called upon factories and construction companies, which are dealing with non essential commodities and are closed, to rise to the occasion and provide food and shelter to their labourer force and not to render them shelter less or foodless at this time. He called upon government to coordinate with business establishments, including Factories and Construction Companies, to ensure that Delhi like mass movement of Labour doesn’t happen in Jammu and Kashmir.
He cautioned the people that we are sitting on time bomb which is already ticking and it has to be stopped otherwise we all will perish.