Pampered for decades, the fundamentalists among Muslims have held the entire nation to ransom by indulging in double speak and bullying tactics. They take selective view on important national issues, be decided by the courts or through normal administrative channels.
The response of fundamentalists, emboldened by pseudo secular political outfits and lobbyists, has been quite subjective over the issues like Citizenship Amendment Bill, Ram Mandir, Article 370, Triple Talaq, hanging of Parliament attack perpetrator Afzal Guru and so on.
The other day, Asaduddin Owaisi tore a copy of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019, in the Lok Sabha, saying it is not only the part of a conspiracy to make Indian Muslims stateless but will also lead to pose a risk to the national security. How national security is going to be jeopardised by granting citizenship rights to lakhs of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Buddhists and Parsis, persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. They have been hounded out by Islamists from their homes and hearths and thus made stateless. The bill is to grant citizenship rights and not to snatch these, so how come Owaisi seeks to frighten Indian Muslims that they will be rendered ‘stateless’.
If there is any threat to national security and communal harmony, it is from the people like Akbaruddin Owaisi, the younger brother of Asaduddin, who mustered the guts and threatened in 2013 “Muslims would need just 15 minutes without the police to show 100 crore Hindus who is more powerful”? Ironically, the communalist Owaisi was referring to Ajmal Amir Kasab, one of the Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai attack, as a ‘child’.
Do the Congress, lobbyists and fundamentalists among Muslims want ‘child’ like Kasab, sneaking into India from Pakistan and brought under the ambit of Citizenship Bill? Nobody will explain as to which rights of Muslims have been usurped by this Bill.
The ever growing number of Pak apologists in the country is a sad reflection and reminder of the fact that India’s tryst with secularism has failed. Secularism is intact as long as minorities are appeased. It is in danger when the majority population asserts its existence in their own country. This being the approach of secularists with their own countrymen, it will be too much to expect some pity from them for minorities in the neighbouring Islamic countries.
The Pak apologists in India must listen to what Amarnath Motumal, an advocate and council member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan had stated about atrocities being committed on Hindus in the rogue nation. He had made a sensational revelation that a large number of Hindu girls were being kidnapped on routine basis in Karachi alone. The families of the victims are scared to register cases against the influential perpetrators as death threats are issued to them in case they raise their voice, he had told a Pakistani daily, adding that the victims have been generally maintaining silence to save their lives. He had said the word ‘Hindu’ had become an insult and a kind of abuse for the Hindu community.
Instead of politicising the issue of citizenship by scoring points over one another, the Congress and other liberals in Indian politics should have pondered over the reasons leading to sharp decline of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1951, the minority population in Pakistan was 23 per cent and it has become much less-close to three per cent. In Bangladesh, it was 22 per cent, in 2011, it has come down to 7.8 per cent. Where have these minorities, especially Hindus and Sikhs vanished? Nobody is bothered to take up this issue for fear of losing their vote banks. On the contrary, they have been trying to demean India by projecting it as an intolerant and theocratic state.
They must understand that minorities in neighbouring countries had shrunk because either they converted, were killed or fled.
The mindset of Pak apologists continues to remain the same due to compulsion of vote-bank politics. Today, when Rajya Sabha was debating the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the entire opposition jeered and got up when Home Minister Amit Shah was referring to the plight of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan. This is the influence Islamic fundamentalists wield in India, unfortunately.

(To be continued….)