Drape sareeNew Delhi: A sari is known to be one of the most flattering pieces of clothing and can make you look visibly slender, if worn right and chosen well.

Experts from Fashion And You, a flash website in the fashion and lifestyle space, share tips on how to step up your style in a sari:

* Choose the right material: The fabric of the sari plays a key role in helping you hide your body’s flaws. Georgette, chiffon and crepe are the ideal materials to opt for. They stick closer to the body and help you look slimmer. Avoid fabrics like silk, kanjivaram, cotton and tissue as these tend to make you look fuller.

* Drape it tight: If you drape your sari loosely, you will unwittingly add volume to your look. Tie it perfectly and a little tightly for that beautifully thin appearance.

* Limit the pleats: Few of us know this, but adding more pleats to your sari can actually nullify the slimming effects of the six-yards of grace. Go in for lesser pleats for a sexier appeal.

* Minimise the borders: For shorter or stockier women, it is always recommended to go for saris with minimal borders. Broad borders tend to make you look bigger. If your main objective of wearing a sari is to look thinner then it would be ideal to opt for a sari that has no border at all.

* Choose darker colours: The shade of sari that you choose to wear also has a large part in bringing out the slimming effects of the drape. Go in for darker colours as they camouflage your flaws and attract more attention to your face.

* Pick the perfect prints: For those on the heavier side, it is advisable to steer clear of large prints or motifs. Go for delicate work on the saree for a trimmer and more feminine look. Big prints across the sari may look glam, but they also make you look plumper and put your not-so-flattering areas under the spotlight, which, of course is a complete no-no.