NEW DELHI: Tarun Uppal, President Youth Wing of Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS), J&K, met Dr Karan Singh, Ex Member Parliament and Chairman Auroville Foundation, Ministry of HRD at New Delhi and discussed various issues related to J&K State.
In the meeting, Tarun Uppal discussed various issue like disastrous effects of drugs on individual and society’s health, holiday on Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday in J&K State and the Jammu Airport should be named after Maharaja Hari Singh.
Uppal said that some unscrupulous elements are involved in crime of drugs and are exploiting the youth by selling drugs to them. He said that there is dire need of taking stern action to stop this menace which is taking our young generation towards death and destruction.
Uppal also emphasised that there has been a long-standing demand from the people of Jammu that Jammu Airport should be named after Maharaja Hari Singh. He said the renaming of Jammu Airport would be the best tribute to a man who not only introduced a number of social welfare and developmental measures in the State but also signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947.
Dr Karan Singh said that he had also heard that some anti-social elements are trying to destroy the youth of J&K State by getting them indulged in drugs. He expressed hope that youth activist like Tarun Uppal must take an initiative to create awareness among the people of the State and also make out some strategy to fight against drugs. He emphasised that the cooperation of every section of the society is must to liberate younger generation from drug addiction.
Dr Karan Singh urged the government of J&K to install a full-body truck scanner at Chakkan Da Bagh in Poonch and Uri to bring transparency in trade of goods which will also stop illegal trafficking of drugs.
Expressing serious concern on renaming of Jammu Airport, Dr Karan Singh appealed to the government to change Jammu Airport’s name accordingly.
Dr Karan Singh also assured the social activist Tarun Uppal “We will continue to fight with government to get the holiday on Maharaja’s birthday for the pride of Dogra and Dogra rulers.”
Dr Karan Singh also complimented Tarun Uppal for showing his keen interest in taking up social issues for the welfare of people of J&K and hoped that he will continue this endeavour in future also.