JAMMU: PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti’s reluctance to join hands with the BJP and carry forward the legacy of her ‘Daddy’ to run a smooth coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir has left many former BJP ministers high and dry in their trenches.
Even after losing their hot seats, though many among them continue to abuse the power and roam around in red beacon fitted official cars to boost their inflated egos, these BJP leaders have been projecting themselves as efficient and loyal party workers in the eyes of their electorate.
In reality a cursory look at their report cards is enough to expose their working in the 10-month-old alliance government headed by Mufti Mohammed Sayeed.
So far only the performance of the Chief Minister and his relationship with the Union Government headed by Narendra Modi has come under scanner but if real scrutiny of work is to take place of all the state government departments the state BJP ministers may have to hide their faces as they have very little to showcase in their performance charts even to their party high command.
Having won the massive mandate from the people of Jammu region the all powerful team of BJP ministers under the leadership of Dr Nirmal Singh mostly acted as second fiddle before their PDP counterparts during their first, and perhaps the last, innings in office.
Seldom BJP ministers asserted their position in the cabinet and countered PDP.
Now if fresh elections were to take place majority of BJP legislators run the risk of facing tough contest in their strong bastion, courtesy poor performance in office.
Despite being out of cozy power corridors, the former BJP ministers continue to suffer from the illusion of being in command. This was reflected by the abusive command of an acid tongued former BJP minister to one of the top bureaucrats, seeking issuance of orders as per his wish. To his utter shock, the bureaucrat refused to oblige, saying that such illegal orders could no more be issued now. Irked over the reply, the boorish minister threatened the bureaucrat of dire consequences once he returns the Secretariat again as a minister ‘very soon’. To show his annoyance, the former minister used choicest invectives against the bureaucrat.
Taking exception to the abusive and threatening language of the former minister, the bureaucrat is reported to have decided to seek audience with the Governor and to have instructions passed to the former ministers to desist from interfering in the administration.
During the time Mufti Mohd Sayeed headed the alliance government BJP ministers spent most of their time in refurbishing their image profile and could hardly deliver goods for the welfare of the people.