Dear Editor,
This has reference to various news reports and advertisements asking people to come forward for registration as voters and for correction in voter list and voter card. My personal experience is that despite filling application Form-8 for correction of data in the voter list and in my voter card, no correction has been done. After the revision in September last year, when I again received my voter card, the mistakes remained. Many other voters were also complaining about the same grievance.
To overcome this problem, an online portal should be made available. A citizen wanting to enroll himself as a voter and a voter seeking a correction in his card, may fill in his personal details himself and upload his photograph online. He could hand over its printout to the BLO along with testimonials and proofs. This way, the mistakes happening commonly and frequently while entering data at the election office will not happen. This facility may be in addition to the manual system.
Richa Jain