Dear Editor,
This refers to Union Ministry of Urban Development issuing a notice to the Congress for vacating four prime government properties in Lutyens’ Delhi now. The lease for these properties had expired on 26th June, 2013. Not only should any request for further extension of lease be turned down, but also officers in the Urban Development Ministry should be exposed and punished who overlook the termination of lease and fail to initiate eviction proceedings.
Other political parties including the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party too were allotted plots in New Delhi for building their respective party headquarters. The ministry should make public the expiry of lease of government accommodations to all political parties, including the BJP. Also, since political parties are unanimously defying the Central Information Commission verdict for their being public authority, all government facilities including the special allotment of government accommodations and plots to political parties, must be abolished.
S C Agrawal