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NEW DELHI: ESIC organised a seminar on ‘Making workplaces safer for women’ to mark International Women’s Day here.

The main speakers of seminar were Debjani Khan, Programme Manager, Plan International (India Chapter) and Renu Saini, an author and columnist.

On the occasion, a booklet on ‘Making workplaces safer for women – ESIC’s Initiatives for Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal on Sexual Harassment’ was also released by A.K Agarwal, Director General ESIC. This booklet is part of ESIC’s endeavour to maximise awareness about gender sensitisation and sexual harassment of women at workplaces.

The Director General, ESIC, said that the women employees have a significant role in the working of ESIC.

ESIC organised a series of seven workshops on the subject ‘Sexual Harassment at Workplaces – Prohibition and Prevention’ during the year 2013-14. The workshops had equal participation of the female and male employees of ESIC.

The Director General has directed to organise such types of workshops at all offices/hospitals of ESIC.

Other dignitaries present on the occasion included Jose Cherian, Insurance Commissioner, ESIC, A.K Sinha, Insurance Commissioner (P&A), Incharge, ESIC and Dr. Sangeeta Mathur, Deputy Medical Commissioner, ESIC.

The ESIC is providing different benefits to the insured persons and their family members included medical benefit, sickness benefit, maternity benefit, dependants’ benefit, disablement benefit, confinement expenses, etc.

Maternity benefit is one of the main benefits for the care of women workers covered under ESI Scheme.  It is a cash benefit payable to insured women in case of confinement or miscarriage or sickness related to pregnancy. The benefit is normally payable for 12 weeks in case of normal delivery and six weeks in case of miscarriage, which can be further extendable by four weeks.  The payment of the benefit is 100 per cent of the average daily wages. It may also be taken note of that about 67 per cent beneficiaries availing dependants’ benefit of ESI Scheme are female. About 49 per cent of the total (7.58 crore) population of ESI Scheme beneficiaries who are entitled for reasonable medical care are women/girls. “Apart from these all other benefits are for both men and women insured persons”, the release said.