Despite dire economic fallout due to 21 days unprecedented lockdown which has led to closure of businesses, alarming rise in unemployment and productivity at its lowest ebb, the government is mulling to extend restrictions beyond April 14. The likely extension of few more days seems inevitable as the threat of coronavirus spread is still looming large especially after the eye-opener Tablighi Jamaat episode which overnight changed the whole scenario with alarming surge in COVID-19 positive cases in almost all the States of the country. Beyond any doubt, the government is and should work in the direction that not a single citizen gets contracted with this lethal contagion by negligence on its part. As rightly said by Telangana Chief Minister couple of days back that the economy can be rejuvenated and revived at later stage but the lives lost cannot be brought back therefore focus of all now should be on the containment of corona, rest everything can be managed in the coming times. The thoughts akin to that of Telangana Chief Minister were also shared by many of the other state governments and experts in the related field making it imperative for government to ponder seriously on the issue of extending the lockdown. There is no contradiction in the fact that timely imposition of lockdown across the nation has saved millions of lives by effectively breaking the COVID-19 chain and what is more important now is that no such decision is allowed to be taken which can prove counterproductive and crush the expectations of entire nation with regard to rooting out the fatal virus. Earlier also the Prime Minister had called upon chief ministers to come up with a strategy towards a staggered exit from the lockdown looking into the evolving situation. Surely Tablighi Jamaat role has come as major setback to government plans of sticking to the 21-day lockdown as nearly one-third of cases in the country are linked to Delhi event of the community. With no dearth of essential goods the idea of lockdown extension can be given practical shape with no major issues evolving in near future. Of course saving lives should be the main criteria on which a decision to lift the lockdown should be taken. It is anybody’s guess whether the lockdown will be extended or not but people should get ready to obey staunchly whatever government asks them to stay safe from COVID-19.