Looking into the advisory of World Health Organisation (WHO) telling countries suffering with COVID-19 pandemic to simply go out for tests, tests and tests, the similar approach should also be applied in the country especially in J&K which is witnessing alarming rise in the coronavirus cases since the deadly virus sneaked into the country. Despite Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh’s assertion that currently J&K is conducting 350 corona tests on daily basis yet there is dire need to further enhance the capacity of UT to raise the number of tests to ensure that spread of corona is brought to the lowest ebb so that its potential to cause devastation is minimized and safety of people is ensured. Albeit, increase in testing capacity to over 350 samples per day is a major achievement as earlier hardly 50 samples were taken for testing daily but looking into the gravity of the issue and the dangers of death and destruction it involves there is dire need of increasing this capacity to over 1,000 tests per day because extensive testing is the best way to fight the pandemic as it reportedly helps in flattening the transmission curve preventing a sharp spike in cases. Looking into the US model, where during early stage sick faced trouble in knowing whether they are loaded with coronavirus or not leading to manifold increase in disease spread, the need to possess robust testing edifice for containing corona virus becomes more imperative. Once community level progression of disease starts spiraling then even tests cannot do much and things might go out of control. The elimination of this lethal contagion is impossible until and unless real picture of the geographical extent of its spread and number of positive cases is not clear. This can only be possible by enhancing the testing capacity and subsequent contact tracing. But then social distancing or physical distancing still tops the list of significant steps meant for curbing the spread of corona and implementation of lockdown in letter and spirit is the true path for liberation from clutches of COVID-19.