SAMBA: Department of Agriculture in collaboration with Monsanto India Ltd. which made hybrid maize seed on Saturday organised crop show of DEKALB 9144 Maize with farmers at Village Sola Sarara, Sub Division Samba.
Representative from Monsanto India Ltd Kailash Pandey and Rakesh Sharma made the farmers show the hybrids maize DKC8144 USP (Attractive Cob, Plant Green stay till harvest, till filling, Good Grain color) to get more yield.
Agriculture Department JEAO Sanjeev Kumar Sharma Ghagwal gave the tips on how to get more yield from maize hybrids Brand DEKALB 9144& 8144, Double.
About 30 farmers attended the Camp and Farmers are satisfied & happy with DEKALB hybrids due to got more yield and plant use as fodder from others hybrids. which was organized under the supervision of SDAO Samba.