Dear Editor,
Recently J&K SSB has finalized all the pending selection lists for the posts of Junior Assistants under PM’s employment package for Kashmiri Migrants in its 168th board meeting held on 20th April, 2020. Before finalizing selection lists for Junior Assistant Migrants, the J&K Services Selection Board had sought department preferences from those candidates who were shortlisted for more than one department under the notification no. 04 of 2017 (PM’s employment package for Kashmiri Migrants). The seeking of department preferences option from Junior Assistant migrant aspirants was intended to make speedy and maximum selections for these posts. But very unfortunately under the same notification no. 04 of 2017 during the recruitment process of Junior Engineers (JEs), the board had not sought any such preferences from the shortlisted candidates who figured in more than one department during document verification lists. This shows SSRB’s lackadaisical and non-serious approach toward those Junior Engineer (JE) aspirants who could have been selected if department preference option would have been given to them by the recruitment board. It is worthwhile to mention here that both the posts i.e Junior Engineer (JE) and Junior Assistants were advertised by the J&K SSB under the same notification no. 04 of 2017. Then why such discrimination happened under the J&K SSB’s same notification 04 of 2017? One fails to understand as to why the recruitment board did not provide any such preference options during the recruitment process of Junior Engineers. This is sheer injustice to those aspirants of Junior Engineers (JEs) who could not get selected under PM’s package for kashmiri Migrants because of the biased and callous approach adopted by the board in context of not seeking any department preferences from the aspiring candidates of Junior Engineers under the notification no. 04 0f 2017. To be more specific and precise, J&K SSB is solely and totally responsible for the fate of all those Junior Engineer (JE) migrants’ aspirants who could not have been absorbed under the much talked about PM’s employment package for Kashmiri Migrants that too under the same notification number.
Vishal Bhat,
Nagrota, Jammu.