The precincts set up by the J&K Administration for containing COVID-19 through strict vigil by local police and other agencies are beyond any doubt meant only for the safety of people and any disagreement by whosoever at this juncture of time is uncalled for and needs to be decried at the very first instance. God forbid, if the government would not have taken such timely steps including lockdown, information dispensation, setting into motion the healthcare sector and creating emergency health edifice on war footing, the things would have been totally different with people facing the brunt of most perilous devil of the time- the noval coronavirus, which has already wreak havoc in many countries round the globe that adopted a lethargic approach to tackle this virus. Though, people are facing inconvenience of their lifetime due to indomitable lockdown implemented in the country but surely this was the only way out to contain corona which is currently proving to be the biggest ever threat to human race which uptill couple of months back was living in fool’s paradise that it can conquer moons, planets and for that matter the entire universe by its acumen and shrewdness. Looking into the graveness of the present day crisis, the local administrations are not taking any chances and in the same context yesterday several areas in Kashmir and Jammu divisions were declared as red zones and were completely sealed with blanket ban on entry and exit of people from the area. The localities which have been sealed include areas of Bathindi, Gujjar Nagar and Janipur in Jammu besides some villages in Shopian and Ganderbal. What is soothing for ears is the concern shown by the government with regard to ailing population especially pregnant women and infants, and those who are facing other genuine emergent situations by sharing mobile numbers which can be contacted for immediate help. Looking into the entire spectrum of initiatives started to combat COVID-19 infection the first thing which comes into the mind is that whatever is being implemented by the authorities in the aforesaid context is only meant for providing succor to the populace and ensuring people’s safety.