Nobody would have ever imagined that the Corona virus originating from the soil of China would make almost all the countries of the world a victim of an epidemic. Facts show that even in a world war, such a large number of countries were not affected. According to the data available on the internet today, the virus has reached 194 countries.
More than 81 thousand people have been affected in China and more than 3 thousand died. Corona’s influence has spread even more rapidly in most advanced countries like Italy and America. Despite the best medical facilities in Italy, about 7 thousand people have died out of about 70 thousand affected people. More than 700 deaths have been reported from around 55 thousand affected people in the US.
In view of the increasing impact of Corona, in the first week of March itself, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted that there is no need to fear Corona but to implement preventive measures. His message reflects the basic mindset of his style of work. While giving instructions to study the data of 194 countries, he gave two major instructions to the expert teams. First, study the facts of the countries in which this epidemic has spread with rapid pace. What are the reasons for this movement of the Corona there. Similarly, those countries should also be studied which succeeded in preventing the spread of Corona. The countries where the pace of this epidemic has been rapid are the most developed countries. China, Italy, America, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland and England etc. all fall under the category of fully developed countries, where there is also no lack of medical services. Despite this, the main reason for the spread of Corona in these countries was that the citizens of the country did not take the government instructions to stay indoors seriously.
Governments also did not attempt to convince the public by making sensitive appeals. The second approach of research focused on countries where this epidemic did not spread much. Such countries are often small countries. These countries are not even more developed, but the citizens of these countries have successfully completed the regional lockdown.
Taking lessons from these studies, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, while addressing the nation for the first time, appealed to observe 22 March as a Janata curfew. Not only this, he also gave spiritual sermons like resolve and restraint to the citizens of India as being a psychotic politician.
In fact, even in the basic duties included in Article-51A of the Indian Constitution, the duty of the citizens is stated that they should support the government in the call for the defense and service of the nation.
The citizens of India have been supporting the country to overcome its predicament by showing courage and restraint on many occasions before. Along with the resolve and restraint, he also called upon the citizens of India to applaude the Indian doctors and all health workers for a 5 minute by clapping or utensil beating at 5 pm. The Indian public enthusiastically participated in this call of the Prime Minister with great enthusiasm. Seeing this enthusiasm of the Indian public, the heads of big countries were also surprised.
On March 22, the lockdown was announced in almost 75 districts and all major metros of the country, seeing the enthusiasm of the people of India to fight this epidemic. In the evening on 24 March, the Prime Minister once again addressed the nation and called for a more stringent implementation of the lockdown across the country. While making all these appeals, the Prime Minister appeared very emotional while folding his hands and pleading with the public. A sense of concern was clearly visible on his face. In any way, there was a strong desire to prevent every family and every citizen of the country from the grip of this epidemic. He himself said that his appeals should not be considered as an order of the Prime Minister but as a member of family.
Politically too, he took many tough decisions. Parliament proceedings were adjourned indefinitely from 23 March. The scheduled Rajya Sabha elections were also postponed. All the religious places in the country have also been supporting this national disaster.
The PM said “I request all the countrymen to try to understand the epidemic named Corona scientifically. This is a new problem in the whole world. So far, there is no allopathic medicine which can stop its spread. The only way to prevent its spread is to remain limited for a few weeks in your family.
If a person in the family also suffers from corona, by the time his symptoms show up, that person will have affected the family and hundreds of other people of the society as well. On the other hand, when a person of the family is a patient, then we are ready to spend lakhs of rupees to his or her life. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves and the whole society, we should not hesitate to bear this suffering for a few weeks. This cooperation to live alone in the family is the only medicine to survive the corona epidemic. There are no charges for this medicine. You will not have to go out of the house for this medicine. No test etc. will have to be done for this. With this free medicine, we can avoid a terrible epidemic without suffering. Here, our personal defense will be considered our greatest social service. Therefore, one should not hesitate with lockdown free medicine. You will remember this uniqueness of a few weeks spent in families for many years. Moving away from the busy life schedule, Corona has given you an opportunity to share family unity and mutual happiness. By assuming this, we should take the lockdown smoothly.
Many home remedies can be seen prevalent in the Indian public. At the time of lockdown, we can keep ourselves awake by using social means like Facebook and WhatsApp etc. and also make other countrymen aware. We should remember that we are the foremost in showing the full determination and restraint. There should be no doubt that in the near future when the figures of the conflict from Corona will be revealed, India will prove to be the world’s first powerful struggling nation to defeat Corona.
By Avinash Rai Khanna,
BJP National Vice President