Dear Editor,
China has objected to India’s plan to build a road in Arunachal Pradesh. China’s map shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir as its territory. Whatever border disputes exist between India and China must be settled at the earliest. The Union Government has done the right thing by bringing the border issue to the forefront in its deliberations with the Chinese. Since China repeatedly plays mischief with Indian territory, it remains the biggest threat to India.
Certain prominent industrialists have severed business ties with Pakistan as a result of the proxy war that the Pakistanis have unleashed against India. The Indian Government must follow a similar strategy with China. India and China have held 17 rounds of Special Representative talks so far to resolve the dispute, but all have been in vain. It would help to put a clause in business agreements between the two that, if there is any intrusion on the borders, the business pacts will stand cancelled.
Mahesh Kumar
New Delhi