Girl contests molestation charge, says two students created mayhemSRINAGAR: While speaking to the local media-persons, the 15-year-old girl student of Ganai Mohalla Handwara contested the charge of molestation against the unidentified soldier and claimed that nobody had stalked or physically accosted her while going to the toilet and coming out of it.
“When our school closed and we were returning to home, I handed over in bag to a femaleĀ  student friend and went into the bathroom. After a while, I came out and received the bag back from my friend. Two male students in uniform accosted me and while shouting began pulling my bag. One of them shouted: Are the Kashmiris benumbed? He began dragging me to the Police Station”, said the girl on camera. “He slapped on me and beat me up. He hurled abuses. His accomplice Hilal Bhaiya too shouted. I asked him why he too was talking rubbish. I told him Hilal Bhaiya you have visited my home and you are well aware of the culture at my home.
Why are you talking rubbish. I resisted their attempt to grab my bag and drag me to Police Station. I sighted a Policeman and told them I will come with this Police uncle.
Too many people gathered. They didn’t listen to anybody. These two students provoked the people. It appeared that had hatched up a plan”, added the girl in a video available with STATE TIMES.
She claimed that one “Shafi Uncle” came to her rescue and it was with his help that she retrieved her bag and came back home.