Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh, flanked by BJP leaders and Karyakartas, during his visit to the Varacher Assembly Constituency in Surat, Gujarat, on Thursday.

SURAT: Union Minister and BJP Co-Incharge of Gujarat Assembly election, Dr Jitendra Singh said that the strength of Gujarat and the overwhelming support for BJP has forced Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to remember Sardar Patel, in a desperate bid to strike a sentimental chord with the people of Gujarat. However, he said, the people of Gujarat are politically mature enough not to be taken in by this jugglery.
In a scathing attack on the Congress Party for having deliberately and by design, demolished the legacy of Sardar Patel over the last 70 years, Dr Jitendra Singh said, nothing can be more insulting to the memory of Sardar Patel than the fact that in his 13 years as Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi had never once found it important to pay tributes to Patel, whereas, as an opportunistic gesture, on 31st of October this year, for the first time, he turned up at the Central Hall of Parliament to offer floral tribute to Patel. This, he said, is itself a proof of helplessness and despair of Congress leaders and its Vice President on the eve of the upcoming Gujarat Assembly poll.
Singh, who held a series meetings in the four Assembly segments of Kamrej, Varachar, Udhanu and Choryasi in Surat, said, with the passage of each day, the “Nautanki” staged by Rahul Gandhi and Hardik Patel is not only getting exposed, but is fast turning into a farce. He recalled his own statement two weeks ago wherein he had described the bonhomie between Rahul Gandhi and Hardik Patel as an instance of one looser trying to clutch on to another looser and had predicted that it would spell collective doom for both. He said, what he had predicted then, stands vindicated now.
Strongly rebutting Rahul Gandhi’s childish refrain in describing the GST as Gabbar Singh Tax, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the answer has been provided by a credible international body by acknowledging India’s incredible jump from position 130 to position 100 in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ as a result of sequential reforms brought in by the Modi government. With imminent defeat staring in his face, he said, Rahul Gandhi is haunted by the ghost of Gabbar Singh.