Mumbai, Sep 28 (PTI) Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor says he avoided taking half measures in Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Haider’, an adaptation of Hamlet, as he did not want to cheat the audience or himself while playing the famous Shakespearean tragic hero.

Shahid, 33, had to opt for a bald look in certain scenes of the movie that is set in Kashmir and the actor did not have a moment’s hesitation in shedding his hair.

“Prosthetics were an option but I felt it was not right to do it for ‘Haider’. There is a certain honesty and passion in this film. I have done it ‘dil se’. I did not want to cheat my audience or myself while playing this character. I wanted to do something different and shocking. There is a value in real,” Shahid told PTI.

It is Shahid’s second film with Bhardwaj after ‘Kaminey’.

The film completes the director’s trilogy of William Shakespeare’s three famous tragedies after ‘Maqbool’ (Macbeth) and ‘Omkara’ (Othello). The film will hit theatres on October 2.

“It is set against the backdrop of Kashmir and then it is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. I think Vishal sir has the ability to interpret it for today’s India,” said Shahid.

The actor feels ‘Haider’ would have a long term effect on his career the way ‘Kaminey’ did but does not want to predict its box office performance.

“There are some films you do for box office and some because you believe in them and you are passionate about cinema. But you don’t know what is going to do well. Till ‘R Rajkumar’, ‘Kaminey’ was the most successful film of my career.

“Lot of people told me that I was mad to do an art house film in ‘Kaminey’ but it has done so much to my career. Cinema has its own language and it is difficult to analyse which film will click. ‘Haider’ is a family revenge drama. It is about a son looking for his father and then there is a love story between Shraddha and me,” said Shahid. KKP BK