BISHNAH: Hindustan Shiv Sena (HSS) on Tuesday appointed Sunil Rai as President of Pritam Singh Pura unit, Lalyana Village, Tehsil Bishnah while Madan Lal was appointed as Vice President.
The Lalyana body was constituted under the chairmanship of Vikrant Kapoor, State President of Hindustan Shiv Sena and Ganesh Choudhary, State Joint Secretary HSS during the meeting held here.
Others elected were Gurdev Raj as Senior Vice President, Bishan Dass as General Secretary, Ramesh Lal, as Chairman, Kashmiri Lal and Darshan Thappa were elected as Joint Secretaries.
In the meeting, Garo Devi was appointed as President of Women Wing of Lalyana body while Kanta Devi and Kamla Devi were elected as General Secretaries and Taro Devi as Joint Secretary.
In view of ensuing Panchayat elections, Kapoor announced Sunil Rai as candidate for Sarpanch and Romesh Lal and Garo Devi for Panch elections.
Kapoor appealed to the people of Lalyana Village to support Hindustan Shiv Sena in the Panchayat elections.