britney Kevin FederlineLos Angeles: Singing sensation Britney Spears’ ex-husband, former backup dancer Kevin Federline, says no one could have prepared him for the spotlight he was thrown in when he started dating the star in 2004.

“That time of my life, it was great. It was fun, it was crazy, it was chaos… The limelight, the entertainment business, the lifestyle – period. When you’re 25-years-old, how do you handle that? Nobody can prepare you,” Federline said in an interview to Us magazine.

Federline, 37, who is now launching a career as a DJ and is married to Victoria Prince, admits he never “really got used to” the lifestyle and fame that came with dating Spears.

Although, their relationship ended in divorce in 2006, the father to Spears’ sons says he will always care for the 33-year-old, “Oops I Did It Again” songstress.

“There are things that she did, there are things that I did…I think all of that is just from being young and everything plays a part into it… (but) I have so many great memories, they outweigh the bad,” Federline said.