Mumbai: To be able to change the majoritarian narrative, women-centric films such as “Ghar Ki Murgi” and “Panga” need find more male audience than female viewers, believes writer-director Nitesh Tiwari.

“Ghar Ki Murgi” (Taken For Granted), a short film directed by Nitesh’s wife, filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, follows the everyday struggle of a homemaker.

Nitesh has written the screenplay and dialogues for the short, which stars Sakshi Tanwar in the lead.

“It doesn’t matter whether the story is (told from) a male or female perspective. What matters is what is being said and is it making connect with the audience or not.

“I feel for stories like ‘Ghar Ki Murgi’ and ‘Panga’ it is very important for them to find connect with more male audience than female because that is the point of view that you we are trying to change,” Nitesh told PTI.

Ashwiny also directed “Panga”, which revolved around a woman who is former kabbadi champion eager to make a comeback to the game.

Nitesh said “Ghar Ki Murgi” is urging the viewer to acknowledge the contribution of housewives.

“‘Ghar Ki Murgi’ is not asking for any revolution to happen in this country. Nobody is asking for a mega mind shift.

“It is only presenting the argument in the favour of a housewife and to acknowledge it. The film is just asking people to acknowledge it,” Nitesh said.

“Ghar Ki Murgi” premiered on Sony LIV on Women’s Day.

Nitesh said it is important for such stories to see the light of day, regardless of the platform.

“All you want is that people should see it. It doesn’t matter whether they see it in a theatre or read up in newspapers or see it on mobile phone or laptop. We only want people to see the stories and maybe someone’s mindset will change.”

Up next for the director is live-action trilogy, “Ramayana”. (PTI)