JAMMU: It is highly regrettable that when the nation is busy combating twin threat of corona pandemic and heightened inimical activities by Pakistan both on the Line of Control (LoC) and inside Kashmir Valley, the Opposition leaders rather than cooperating with the government are busy fault finding for securing political brownies.
This was stated by Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a statement issued here on Wednesday.
“Be it the rail travel by migrant labourers or the odd reversal suffered by the security forces in the Valley, the opposition leaders are training their guns at the government despite the fact that Central Government can’t be held responsible if certain decisions are poorly executed by the authorities responsible for the same. While the entire world is appreciating India for successfully containing the deadly pandemic against all odds, the opposition is busy creating hurdles in the successful implementation of the government policies,” lamented Brig Gupta.
Rather than appreciating the fact that India is testing far more than other countries for every positive case of novel coronavirus infection, the opposition continues to attack the government on a low rate of testing when compared to advanced countries ignoring the fact that India is a nation of Rs 135 crores, rued Brig Gupta.
As regards, the recent reversal suffered by our security forces in North Kashmir, the opposition leaders of different hue without understanding the dynamics of counter terror operations are busy criticising the government for the failure of its strategy and demanding a rethink stated Brig Gupta. Among the series of successes achieved by the security forces minor aberrations do take place in counter terror operations and the nation has to accept odd reversals. Every Indian is hurt with the loss of valuable lives of our soldiers but the situation demands condemnation of the villain Pakistan but instead the government is accused for not being able to secure the lives of our soldiers regretted Brig Gupta. It is endeavour of every commander when he launches an operation to ensure zero casualty to own troops and its successful completion. But every time things donot proceed as planned and reverses do take place. After all it is not a simulated war game but live encounter asserted Brig Gupta. In any case how can the government be blamed for reverses in such tactical operations,” lamented the Spokesperson?
Referring to the unprofessional and politically motivated criticism of JKNPP Chairman which appeared in the media yesterday, Brig Gupta quoted Lt Gen Hasnain, a Kashmir expert, “The kind of questions arising from an ill-informed public is downright damning and extremely demotivating for frontline soldiers.” Ironically, none of them have criticised Pakistan, the main architect of the terror in Kashmir.
Brig Gupta also complimented the security forces for a big successes achieved in two subsequent operations in South Kashmir. This speaks volumes of the sound professionalism and high morale of Indian soldiers who are trained to accept reversals and yet bounce back with greater successes.
Rather than demanding explanation from PM Modi who is leading the nation from front with tireless dedication and firm resolve, the NPP chairman and others of his ilk must put hand on their chests and ask themselves to quantify even a single positive contribution towards nation building demanded Brig Gupta.