Dear Editor,
There is still a celebration and beginning period of Modi 2.0 tenure. Government has taken lot of historic decision during this period.
But there is also a great loss to the party. As it has lost its two senior most charismatic stalwart leaders. It is not only the loss of the party alone but also a irreparable loss for the country. As these both leaders were very active,energetic and veteran personalities of the country. Both were actively participating in every matter of government and in every initiative of national interest.
Earlier Sushma swaraj had left the world, now Arun Jailey, a well known lawyer and an eminent economist had left us in heavenly abode.
Arun Jaitley played the role of a connector and a bridge between the party and opposition.
With his humble behaviour, simplicity and intelligence he used to manage everything which zwas very difficult and tedious for the party. He was also known for his strong bonding between corporate world and opposition parties. It was due to his convincing power and cordial relation a climate of an equilibrium was always maintained in the party. His behaviour in the parliament was very refined,mature and with lot of sense of humour.
He had the depth of understanding for every trivial issue.Being an eloquent and polite speaker, he got success in presenting his view point. With his positive and aunthetic facts and figures he used to convince others in every controversial debate.
These both leaders were considered as team members of Modi’s kitchen cabinet. For all the major issues of national interest they gave their ideas and suggestions to the government.
With the loss of these both politicians party and the whole nation had lost the most loveable humans. Nation will remain indebted to these leaders for their devoted contributions.
Shyam Sudan,
Sunderbani ( Baja Bain).