Shyam Sudan
Many theories have been given by scientist for evolution of life on this planet. And the most accepted theory regarding evolution of species was that life originated from water bodies. After that the life transform into it others shape .so the basic and first living creature i.e. zooplankton or phytoplankton found all the favourable condition in water which a living thing needs for its survival .The most important necessity for its survival was water itself.
Water is considered as an essential and foremost requirement of any living creature on this planet.
Water is not found in other planets so far and thus we have found no evidence of life on that heavenly bodies.
Earth is the only planet which possess sufficient amount of water for the existence of living things on it.water is found everywhere on earth I.e in air,land ,in ground etc.
Earth has 70% of water in the shape of seas and oceans. However it is also found in abundant quantities in its other sources like rivers, ponds, lakes, springs and water vapours etc.
The major portion or quantity of water which is available in seas and oceans is saline in nature and unfit for his consumption in any state.
We are using only three percent of water which is known as pure and potable for us in our consumption.
But due to increasing demand of it due to rapid growth of industrialization, population explosion and for other domestic purposes we are losing this precious life giving gift of nature.
Every year we have seen that the demand of water is increasing with a rapid pace.
And the level of ground water is also decreasing at a rapid pace.
Lot of reasons narrated by scientists behind the scarcity of this indispensable gift.
Due to low rate of precipitation and disrupted rain cycle the ground water level is continuously decreasing.
However due to various human error like pollution and unjudicial consumption of it further creates imbalance in its demand.
Due to havoc of afforestaion and industrialization the cycle of rain and precipitation suffer at large extent.
The Government of india has recently launched a very praiseworthy initiative for saving the water. Various awareness campaign has been launched by govt to aware the people about the importance of water and it’s judicial use.
The main motive and aim of this jal shakti Abhiyan is to save the sources of water and to check various type of pollution which is harmful for water bodies.
This campaign is also launched by various media channels to spread the awareness among general public.
This was the need of the hour to launch such type of programmes to aware the public for saving water and to check its pollution.
We have lot of rich sources of water for human consumption like rivers, ponds, lakes and glacier. Moreover, The water table of Asia lies in our territory which has abundant reservoir of fresh water in the shape of snow and glaciers.
There is need to check the pollution of water and it’s sources .Every year millions of tonnes of waste and hazardous materials thrown in pure sources of water by humans and factories.
However, we have not proper facilities and equipment for rain water harvesting.
Now in guzraat, Government is trying to install special gadgets for purification of sea is a very praiseworthy initiative and innovation to extend our sources of potable water.
There is a need to launch a campaign for deforestation in the country. Because, it further helps in maintaining the balance and cycle of rain and precipitation of water.
Jal Shakti Abhiyan is no doubt playing a pivotal role in bringing awareness among masses.
But there is a need to contribute in this campaign individually by all.As it is a mass campaign and every individual must keep in mind that without his /her contribution we are unable get success in this initiative.