Notwithstanding the crisis unfolded by scary corona virus, the Jammu youth are up against the BJP for bringing domicile law, which they perceive as a betrayal and backstabbing. They want immediate revocation of the law that opens up jobs to certain segments of outsiders, leaving the bonafide educated unemployed to fend for themselves.

Kunal Choudhary, an MBA shared, “It’s an ill-timed, very badly drafted and outcome of a confused and chaotic bureaucracy and must be rolled back immediately. Only class-IV jobs have been reserved for the state subjects. It is totally unacceptable to youth of J&K, as it would deprive them of valuable rights to jobs in government sector. This is sheer insult of J&K youth and is intolerable.”

Mohinder Singh, a research scholar, said that new domicile act will directly affect future of J&K youth. He said that earlier, Jammu youth was victim of Kashmir-based policies and now the Centre is targeting youth by introducing such anti-youth laws. He said that when entire world has been engulfed by coronavirus pandemic, the BJP government sprinkled salt on wounds of people of J&K. “It shows true colours of the BJP. The new domicile rules created confusion and apprehension among masses which must be clarified and amended at the earliest,” he added.

Radhika Sharma, a scholar said, “I believe domicile law is good in terms for Jammuties. Moreover, we have full faith on our current government. As the personnel residing in Jammu for more than 15 years can be domicile, it means people of other states, who are living here, can get domicile, which is really a welcome step. A healthy competition will overcome favoritism policy of bureaucrats and politicians for talented youth.”

Som Nath Sharma, a retired Govt employee said, “The law offers no protection which had been promised earlier. It’s hollow. It has come at a time, when all our efforts and attention is focused on COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, it is shocking, that a tehsildar has been empowered to dole out domicile certificates. This domicile provision is discriminatory for J&K residents.”

Rohit Kerni, a youth leader said that there is strong resentment among common masses particularly highly-qualified unemployed youth due to introduction of new domicile law. He said that Centre has made a mockery of J&K youth. “It was not the right time to bring in such a law which will directly affect future of J&K youth. Whereas on one hand the entire world, including India is fighting deadly virus COVID-19, on the other hand Central Government notified this dictatorial new domicile law and that too, when whole nation is under lockdown. The central government has taken advantage of lockdown situation as everybody is worried to save life,” he said.

Launching scathing attack on BJP for cheating people of Jammu region, social activist Tarun Uppal has accused BJP Government at the Centre of reducing status of those people to IV-class, who voted them to power in Assembly as well as Parliamentary polls. Uppal said that people of Jammu region always cooperated and supported the Central Government in every manner. “For last several years, people of Jammu region are facing discrimination due to Kashmir-centric policies. Now after abrogation of Article 370 from the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State, they have again being victimized due to none of their fault,” he added.
Uppal urged the Central Government to revoke the new domicile law as people of Jammu will not tolerate further discrimination. “Our honour must be restored so that land and jobs of J&K should be restricted to local youth only, and same must not be opened to rest of the country,” he asserted.

Sharat Sharma, a Jammuite said, “The new changes in domicile act need to be welcomed wholeheartedly. It will lead to better integration of UT, while also taking care of interests of local population. I am of the belief that expressing worry about Government jobs going to outsiders is nothing but cheap politics for some people. J&K youth is capable enough to take on the competition at the national level as same is evident from the number of J&K students making to IAS, IPS, etc besides other national level exams.”

Sanjeev Sharma, a social activist said that youth of J&K will not tolerate such betrayal. “Newly notified domicile rules are unsatisfactory and require necessary modification and renewal in the interest of people, especially with regard to job-policy and rules. The Newly introduced law is a cruel joke and in no way a step to provide healing touch. Instead of focusing on fight against the deadly COVID-19, the BJP government at the center issued domicile law to further humiliate and cheat people of J&K. The order is against wishes and interests of people of J&K, especially youth,” he added.

Ajay Sharma, shared, “Time frame of 15 years stay in J&K has been made necessary for acquiring a land or property, which is not a big challenge for residents of J&K. No doubt, the Government jobs (Non-Gazetted and Gazetted) of Group B & A are of course open for others but also with certain difficult conditions, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. The industrialists’ would be able to establish their industrial units and construct workers colonies in J&K but under only specific guidelines.”