NEW DELHI: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said that Jammu & Kashmir and Northeast had benefited in the war against Corona because of the proactive measures and early decisions without losing time.
In an electronic briefing, Dr Jitendra Singh said, while in Jammu & Kashmir, the Union Territory Government was prudent enough to close down public places like Health Clubs, Gyms etc. even before the official Lockdown was declared, in the Northeast, on the directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi early air transport of essential commodities had helped in avoiding any possibility of shortage due to inaccessibility of the region and also helped in building-up the confidence of the local populace, while early sealing of the international border had helped in containing the possibility of Corona spread.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, while Ladakh had caused initial alarm because of the early occurrence of Corona positive cases in the beginning of March itself, the proactive approach by the administration and prompt intervention from the Centre had helped to contain the number of positive cases to 18 as of today. Almost all have now become negative and there was no mortality, he said.
The number of samples being tested everyday has increased in both Jammu & Kashmir and North East, said Dr Jitendra Singh and added that in a way it was good that all the undetected cases have now, by and large, been detected, and hopefully things will start for the better with each passing day.
He appealed people to come forward voluntarily if they suspected themselves as being contacts, because this was not only in their own interest but also in the interest of their family members and their children. The availability of PPE kits is also being further increased, said Dr Jitendra Singh, and appreciated the brave front put up, particularly by the young Resident Doctors. He once again appealed to everybody to download Arogya Setu app and cooperate by observing guidelines regarding social distancing and face mask.