JAMMU: BJP leader Raman Suri on Sunday said that coronavirus pandemic has taken everybody by alarm but this is the time when we should not panic, not spread or seek wrong information and avoid making crowd, failing which it will lead to reversal of governmental efforts for breaking chain of virus transmission. Other than taking basic precautions suggested by the government, we have to prepare ourselves for post-pandemic steps as well, so that life could get back on track smoothly.
Suri said that that prime things amongst government advisories are to avoid touching face, not stockpiling masks and other essential items, staying at homes, avoiding unnecessary travel, staying away from misinformation, seeking medical help and not any alternative treatment, avoiding antibiotics, not propagating hostility against anyone besides helping each other.
Suri gave the principle of 5 ‘S’ in order to fight the pandemic- ‘Stay at home, Social Distancing, Sanitiser or Soap to be used frequently, Safe Cash/ Cashless Transactions and Stay Calm’. He said, in first place people should stay at homes, and go out only in case of emergency. Secondly, people should maintain social distancing while going out to buy essential items in markets, medical stores and grocery stores. Frequent washing of hands with soap, water or using sanitizers. Suri further added that everyone in the country don’t use e-payment platforms and currency notes are still widely used by masses, thereby making risk of transmission of virus very high. Hence, people should wash their hands with soap and water, or sanitise their hands right after touching notes, as advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the government, else they should shift to e-payment gateways.
Suri emphasized on staying calm and keeping patience, as it is the key to fight the pandemic. He urged people to not to get panic and co-operate with government by following the advisories issued from time to time to combat COVID-19.