Dear Editor,
It is disheartening to learn that the chance of Vizzy Trophy participation has been foregone by JKCA due to its habit of ‘Kashmir first’. The appeal made to Governor about pushing the Vizzy Trophy team from Srinagar to deep south was made at the very eleventh hour and failed to serve any purpose. The appeal had all chances to be taken lightly because other plausible options were still available yet not tried. The ball should not have been pushed in the Governor’s court but sane alternatives rather tried.
A genuinely public friendly will and pro-action could have got an arrangement made for the participation of the J&K team comprising boys from Jammu which was a safe region for the purpose of cricket activity and availability of players through a fairly long selection camp at Jammu with the help of Jammu based selectors who could be arranged with the consultation with the Cricket Players Association.
The romance with the Kashmir weather and favoritism with Kashmir has got the cricketer’s prospect flattened. This episode is an additional attribution of failures of JKCA under CoA.
Similar spiritless conduct of JKCA administration has been detected in the matter of appointment of the Electoral Officer as per Lodha Recommendations. The CEO and his coterie kept on weaving cobwebs about the District elections with the aim of saving the prized positions of the JKCA under his personal manipulative control stage managed by appointing paid professionals and team staff as election incharges. There is now a chance missed for the coming three years about JKCA representative’s participation in BCCI elections.
It is therefore grieving that the CoA is adding the list of its failures and barely able to serve the purpose of its creation.
Vikrant Sharma,
Country Cricket Stadium, Gharota, Jammu.