R S PURA : Department of Physics of GDC R.S Pura organised a guest lecture on solid state physics on Saturday. Prof. Rakesh Kumar Koul was the invited guest, an eminent physicst, who delivered basic lecture on solid state physics, internal structures of crystals, their characteristics, properties which depends on different factors like temperature, pressure, harden ability, size etc. he highlighted its application in the modern day to day technology and its future scope for the students to opt this branch of physics- as this branch of is both career as well as job oriented and there is a lot of scope of employment for the student opting for solid state physics in their studies.

Principal Dr. S.P Sharma encouraged both the students and staff for grooming this culture of interaction with resource person. Others present in the guest lecture were Convener Science Club Prof Ghanjit Singh, Prof Mala Bhasin, Prof Bindhu Kumari and Prof Sukhdeep Singh.
Head of the Department of Physics Dr. Jaipal Singh extended his thanks to Principal MAM Collage Dr Anita Sodan for sparing the service of Prof Rakesh Koul. Vote of thanks was delivered by Netar Prakash Sharma of Physics Department.